"AWB-Tour 2010 -  From Orient to Occident "
One People, One Sky


23 April. 2010 to  31 May 2010

In Jordan I had no success to establish contacts to local astronomers.  
Unfortunately there was no response to all my e-mails by JAS (Jordanian Astronomical Society)

Picture source: www.jas.org.jo

We tried to find the observatory in Amman at Haya Cultural Center, but due to the heavy and horrible traffic we gave up, only arabic written traffic signs showed us the way out from the city, we have been very happy that we left  this big city without any road accident.

 Our only picture from Amman after we have left  this city

Later in Petra I tried out my little astroequipment .........


.......... and I did astronomy on the fly to get in contact with jordan peole.

Warning before observing the sun !


Astronomy and Dead Sea ?! - How does this match ?

..... salt, salt, salt ....

everywhere salt .... but it's very helpful for ....

.... reading & swimming :-)

 A real Fellow of RAS (Royal Astronomical Society) is reading his
A&G (Astronomy&Geophysics) everywhere ;-)

 It's really working - my wife tried it out too !


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